General Rules

1. HACKING - Hacking or manipulation of your client in any form, is not allowed. This includes, but is most definitely not limited to, God Mode, Kill Aura, Anti-Knockback, NoSlowDown, Flight, AutoMine, and obviously X-raying. Gamma alteration however is allowed, as this does not directly impact the experience of other players on the server.

2. GLITCH EXPLOITATION - Do not abuse glitches and/or bugs either in Minecraft, or specifically the server. If you find an exploit in the server please contact a member of staff either in-game or via our discord.

3. DISCRIMINATION - Under no circumstances will discrimination towards other players be allowed. This includes but is not limited to, racial discrimination, sexist remarks, homophobic language and religious discrimination. SPAM Do not spam the server chat. This includes repetitive caps spam. We understand dying can be frustrating but please keep your grievances out of the chat.

4. SPAMDo not spam the server chat. This includes repetitive caps spam. We understand dying can be frustrating but please keep your grievances out of the chat.

5. ADVERTISING - Advertisement of other servers, websites, discords, hacking services or any other form of online media is prohibited, unless the express permission of a staff member is given. This rule also applies to private messages and our discord.

6. SCAMMING Scamming is prohibited. If two parties have agreed on a trade/deal in chat, and one party does not follow through, a punishment will be issued, and items can be seized from your inventory. Please used the trade pods available at spawn, as this rule does not apply if you throw an item to someone and another player picks it up instead. We will be unable to help with verbal agreements, unless a staff member was present, as we will not have concrete evidence of the trade taking place.

7. PVP RULES - PvP is allowed in all unprotected areas, such as the wild and outside of your claimed area. TP trapping and killing are NOT allowed. Report an offending player in our complaints section in the discord! Pushing or moving players into unprotected areas is allowed. For example, luring mobs into bases and pushing players through portals. Please be cautious of where you are AFKing. Killing, or attempting to kill a staff members while they are moderating a situation is prohibited. This includes a staff member teleporting to you without warning.

8. FARMINGAFK farms such as auto-fishing or manipulating your afk status (such as water pushing you in a circle or minecart tracks) are not allowed. If you are found to be manipulating your in-game time, your player rank may be reset. 0-tick farms are also not allowed as these lag the server.

9. GRIEFINGGriefing outside of protected areas is allowed. Please be cautious of who you allow into/near your base.

* These rules are subject to change at any time, at the staffs discretion. 

*In some cases, but not all, staff are permitted to bypass rules if their actions are for the benefit of the server and all its players.

Last Updated: 14/03/2020 12:00