Server owner. Literally does nothing but annoy everyone. No longer allowed the /nuke command. Gay dad #1.


Would rather be playing World of Warcraft. Gay dad #2.


"100% of the time I have no idea what's going on 80% of the time." Plug-in bitch. Pretty much runs the joint. Loves his girlfriend.


Server mother. Will look after you. Master of Stalking. Dumb Dumb #2. Loves her boyfriend.


She doesn't know shit. She doesn't understand stuff. And she doesn't get things. Dumb Dumb #1.


Creamy of the Cracks. Jaimee's caretaker. Worst Minecraft skin. Doesn't do much but he's there when you need him.


Server angel. Don't touch her cathedral. She do be building tho.


Baby of the group. Annoys Jaimee constantly. Claim your builds or say goodbye to your stuff.


"I don't do much but its honest work, Dad please come back." Bad cop. Days since last ban: -2.


We don't know this man. Chicken. AFK permanently. #1 Scammer.